Freedom Checks: A Real Cash Grab You should Follow

Maybe you’ve seen those annoying 5-minute or full 30-minute infomercials that tell you you had better act quick and buy that product or invest in silver before it’s too late. More often than not, the catch phrases you see in those infomercials are just sales tactics and not anything to get excited about. But there is one investment you can get excited about when you hear about it because it actually is not a scam. It’s a legitimate cash grab known as freedom checks, and it is something you can take advantage of by having a brokerage account.

What you may not have known is there are oil and natural gas companies who sell shares that are like stocks, only different and that come with high-paying dividends. These companies are known as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), and they follow a different set of regulations than most corporations. Among those regulations are that they have to pay out most of their income in dividends to shareholders, and they also get tax breaks. So that means those who own freedom checks can expect big dividend payouts from successful companies, and they will not be taxed on those dividends because they are considered return on capital and not return on income. But there’s even more to the story that financial newsletter publisher Banyan Hill uncovered.

One of Banyan Hill’s editors, Matt Badiali found out about what owning freedom checks could do for investors, so he felt he had to publish the inside scoop. Badiali is a geologist who has traveled the world and seen production at oil wells and gathered in mining data, and even today as a newsletter writer he follows the energy sector very closely. He found out that since the US is pushing to do away with foreign oil, MLP companies are taking advantage by outputting more domestic oil and natural gas. The estimated figures they’re looking to put out over the next year are over $34 billion, a huge payday if you own a freedom check. It’s possible to start building your portfolio today by taking advantage of freedom checks, and to learn more about them, go to

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Guilherme Paulus Contributions To CVC Tour Agency

Guilherme Paulus has significant influence as an entrepreneur all over Brazil. He runs the GJP hotels and resorts which have almost 5, 000 employees and more than 20 branches all over the country.

Guilherme Paulus is the chairman at the CVC Brasil Operadora, a tour company. The idea of this company originated from Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who had the willingness to start a tourist agency in Santo Andre which was the residential area for Paulus. When this idea was introduced Guilherme Paulus did not have enough capital, and he was still very young. Paulus kept this idea in his mind even though he continued working for Casa Faro.

Guilherme Paulus has adopted a strategy that involves using advanced technology to pass information to the employees and clients since it`s efficient. He also makes sure that he has reviewed the planned activities for the company to ensure that the company runs smoothly. He also listens to the customers and employees demands and strives to improve the goods and services produced. Paulus urges the Brazilian government to invest in Domestic Tourism by introducing air transport. CVC purchased around 100,000 seats for the VASP which sold within a year.

According to Guilherme, an entrepreneur must be ready to take risks and be innovative. Any business person must put the interests of the customers and employees as a priority as they are the cornerstone for the business. Paulus had encountered various challenges such as when they decided to fund the French people to visit Brazil; they didn’t know that CVC was a travel agency. The project was costly and the intended purpose to market the company did not succeed. CVC had also hired some Brazilians to meet the French people who failed. This challenges did not discourage Paulus he understood that there was a need for change in the company’s brand name.

Paulus believes in investing as a method of making more returns. He has invested in CVC by introducing online services that enable the customers to access their services at their homes. The company have distributed their products in almost all shopping malls in Brazil including the physical stores.

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A Brief History of Alastair Borthwick – A Modest Writer

Alastair Borthwick, a famous writer, was known to be stretching a little much further. The celebrated author has a lot to be remembered for, from his unique journalism skills, a war historian, broadcaster, national exhibitions events organizer and most importantly, for his book that almost never got published.

This writer had seen the best of time and lived for ninety years before he died. His rare talents helped him craft unique pieces in different genres. Some of his masterpieces included, Always A Little Further in 1939, San Peur in 1946, and much more.Alastair Borthwick loved nature and could take off to the hills over the weekends and spend the nights under the rocks.

He lived a rough life and was one of the few who refused to be crushed by the unemployment crisis. He always believed that the mountains and all beauty that nature exuded belonged to him.

Although his status was more middle class than most of his buddies, he befriended tramps, berry pickers, and other colleagues who were part and parcel of the movement. All these nature escapades inspired the book that he first wrote and offered to Fabers. T.S. Eliot, a director, insisted on the book’s publication and luckily enough, since then, it has never been out of print.

Alastair Borthwick was born in 1913 in Lanarkshire but later raised in Troon, Ayrshire after which he relocated to Glasgow after turning 11 years. While here, he began attending school and by the age of 16, he became the Evening Times copy taker. He proceeded to graduate in the Glasgow Weekly Herald and his teenage years, he wrote in the women’s children and film pages. Additionally, he wrote in the letters to the editor and answers to the readers’ questions.

After the world war broke out, Alastair Borthwick decided to join the 51st Highlands Division forces. He served his nation mostly in the Western Desert, Europe, and Sicily. He even single-handedly led a battalion of six hundred men at night through German enemy lines at night in 1945. Before the war ended, he was given a different role by the Colonel that allowed him not to attend any more parades. This was a defining moment for Borthwick, and it paved the way for his book, “Sans Peur.”

Entrepreneur Dick Devos

Some may know Dick DeVos best as the husband of the US Secretary of Education, a description that might rain on the parade of some men. DeVos and his wife Betsy collaborate closely on so many of the causes they promote, however, it’s fitting to refer to them as a single subject. That said, Dick has a substantial resume that highlights his own unique vision and trajectory.


A true conservative, DeVos once lobbied against the construction of a major development in Grand Rapids while it was in its planning stage. His objection to it was driven by a desire to preserve the character of the area where he was born and raised. DeVos has been instrumental in driving Michigan’s evolution from blue-collar right-to-work stronghold to hub that attracts global businesses. The Turnaround Plan that DeVos fleshed out in the early 2000’s spoke to his vision to transform his home state into a section of the U.S. that offers abundant and diverse work opportunities.


DeVos isn’t only known for the positions he has held that include former CEO of Amway, a company co-founded by his father. He took a shot at becoming Governor of Michigan in 2006 but lost to Jennifer Granholm, the incumbent. In spite of remaining an active force in initiatives that foster free enterprise, DeVos is a major philanthropic donor. The list of causes both he and his wife have gotten behind are extensive. The two have donated over $138 million to community programs and houses of worship. The couple contributed $105 million towards the construction of the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, following through with his family’s historic dedication to the ongoing revitalization of Western Michigan.


Though sometimes controversial, DeVos has partnered with his wife to promote education vouchers that enable parents to have greater choice in selecting the schools their kids attend. The concept has taken root throughout the country. The District of Columbia as well as states that include New Hampshire, Vermont, Utah and Georgia have already adopted voucher programs. President Trump is said to have selected Betsy to play such a key role in his administration because of how effectively she has campaigned for programs that boldly redesign the K-12 learning experience. No amount of charity can ever replace hard work and a personal dedication to achieving success is the fundamental premise of “Rediscovering American Values,” a book authored by Dick in 1998. It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with DeVos’s track record that it was a bestseller.


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Career accomplishments of Sheldon Lavin

As a successful entrepreneur, Sheldon Lavin continues to impact the lives of many people in the industry. He joined OSI Group in the late 1970`s, and at the beginning of his career in the firm, he served as a specialist through which he gave his views on the various ways the firm could improve its production as well as sales. He has continued to bring developments to the firm by sharing his views and counsel with the companies staff. His previous experience in the field of business has profoundly contributed to his successful career at the privately owned company. Visit Sheldon Lavin at

The knowledge that Sheldon Lavin possess in the field of finance has also played a significant role in helping the firm monitor its flow of cash. He continues to contribute to the firm’s development by carrying out critical analyses of its operation, and through this, he has continued to predict the direction that the firm is likely to take. The caution that he gives to the other executives has brought a positive outcome in the firm by ensuring that the firm’s staff identifies the key problem areas that are likely to interfere with the normal operation of the firm to solve them on time. The vast knowledge he has showcased throughout his service in the company is inspiring, and it has seen OSI Group emerge among the largest companies in the entire globe.

The successes of Sheldon Lavin are notable through the many accomplishments he has acquired both in his life and entire career. Many people strive to seek advice from the renowned entrepreneur in the various ways they can manage their businesses as well as handle their staff to achieve a competitive advantage. As an experienced leader, Lavin advocates for close monitoring of employees by their executives to ensure that each of them is determined towards achieving the objectives of the firm.

Besides paying close attention to his career, Sheldon Lavin is also a philanthropist. Sheldon has taken part in a vast number of charitable foundations through which he has contributed funds for the benefit of less fortunate individuals in society.

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EOS Lip Balm for the Win Review

The acronym EOS stands for evolution of smooth. Evolution of smooth is a lip balm company which has evolved the way how people apply on lip balm throughout their day. EOS lip balm is so popular that it is available in eighteen countries across the globe. This product has revolutionized the way consumers apply lip balm to their lips. EOS lip balm is also healthy for your lips by including hydrating properties. The product is made from organic natural oils like beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba, and coconut oils. They also contain antioxidant rich vitamin E. These lip balms contain sunscreen protection so your lips can be hydrated on even the most hottest days of the year. All of these ingredients are of high quality and are guaranteed safe for the most sensitive skin types. EOS lip balms also come in a variety of flavors like strawberry, tropical mango, vanilla bean, wild berry, pomegranate raspberry, sweet mint, summer fruit, and several more. Applying EOS lip balm is a great experience because it comes in an egg shaped container. The top twists off and you instantly start applying the product to your dehydrated lips. The lip balm is a sphere sitting inside the egg shaped container. As soon as the lip balm touches your lips it instantly starts to hydrate and sooth your lips. The egg shaped containers also come in different colors which pertain to the specific flavor associated with the lip balm. They are small bright, shiny and look so cute. They are mainly marketed to women but men can also use them too since it has an invisible coat and smells like any flavor you may choose. EOS lip balms are very inexpensive and cost approximately two to three dollars a piece. This product is highly recommended.

Alastair Borthwick And His Career

Alastair Borthwick was a Scottish author, journalist and broadcaster. He lived through most of the 20th century, having been born in 1913 and having died in 2003. He first started his career when he was a teenager. At the age of 16, he began working for the Glasgow herald. Whenever people phoned in copy, he would record it. His years at the Glasgow Herald brought him into a position where he was responsible for various feature pages. In one of the feature pages that he was responsible for, he frequently brought up the topics of hill-climbing and hill-walking. At the time, these activities were considered to be things that only people of affluence did. However, he wrote articles about working class people doing them. This was revolutionary because he helped to make these activities more widespread and appreciated by a larger audience of people.

In 1935, his hard work led to him getting a job for the Daily Mirror, in London. His life in London did not suit him, so went back to Scotland and was a BBC correspondent. As per, in the late 1930s, he published a great book that included every article about outdoor activities that he wrote for the Glasgow Herald. Some people consider this book to be one of the best books when it comes to books about outdoor activities in Scotland. This book was revolutionary for the time because of the fact that hillwalking and hill climbing were not activities that were associated with working class people. He really broke down a glass ceiling by publishing a book that suggested that working class people could do these things, too.

Alastair Borthwick was had seen WWII firsthand, because he was put into battalion that directly saw action. He was given the role of Intelligence Officer and was eventually given the task of writing a history of the battalion that he worked for. After the war, he continued with his career of broadcasting. In the 1970s, him and his wife moved to a hill farm, where they lived into their elderly years. Several years before his death, Alastair Borthwick lived in a nursing home.

Ryan Seacrest Puts Advice To Good Use

Ryan Seacrest is a man with a lot on his plate. The former American Idol host is currently breaking into his latest gig, “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” on NBC.

But Seacrest is also associated with a number of other gigs such as “Keeping Up With the Kardashians on E Network, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking Eve and more.

When asked how he juggles his day, Seacrest jokingly responds, “It’s not easy.” But he has to have a certain amount of dedication and discipline to keep balance in his life.

Seacrest says the physical component to his life is very essential. He has a personal trainer that he works out with several days a week. And he has recently discovered boxing as a way to stay in shape. He even brought his trainer with him when he taped an episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan in the Bahamas.

Seacrest, a tv host, admits that he loves food. While he tries to eat as healthy as possible, he doesn’t mind sitting down for a good family-style meal from time to time.

Other ventures that keep Seacrest on his toes include a clothing line with the help of Burberry’s Christopher Bailey. He also has a men’s skincare line that’s doing really well. Seacrest attributes his massive success to putting in the work. He doesn’t mind working long hours as long as he gets the desired result.

As per GQ, he started out working at a local Atlanta radio station as a teenager. By this time, he already had his life mapped out. After receiving a job offer in California, he dropped out of school and headed for the West Coast; he’s never looked back.

He credits his friend and mentor, the late Dick Clark for giving him some of the best advice he’s ever received. “Dick always told me that if you can do a job and make it look easy, that’s all you need. I’ve never forgotten that.”

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Hussain Sajwani’s Life

Known to many as the emirate real estate titan, Hussain Sajwani was born in 1952 to an entrepreneur who sold shirts, packer pen and other imports from China. He was amongst the first chosen few to be granted a government scholarship to study in the US. He graduated with a bachelor’s in industrial engineering and economics from the University of Washington. His career started in Abu Dhabi Gas in the early 1980s. His entrepreneurial genes kicked two years later when he ventured into catering with chis major clients being the United States military and Bechtel. This venture is currently operating under the name Global logistics services.

In the early 2000s, Mr. Sajwani started what would later become one of the biggest real estate company in the middle east, the DAMAC properties. DAMAC is known for high-end property development and great marketing strategies. It is also known for its collaboration with Donald Trump to use Tiger Woods’ golf course design, to build glamours golf courses. Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC still offers food services to American troops all over the world as well as other institutions.

DAMAC, Hussain, has been involved in a number of charity works and support for noble courses. The company supported a course to provide free software creating training which was launched by the vice president, United Arab Emirates and Prime Minister and ruler of Dubai in 2017.

Hussain has also been involved in charity works as an individual. He offered a 2-million-dollar check to a campaign that aims at clothing a million deprived children in the world.

During the presidential race of 2016, Donald Trump’s businesses and operations came under speculation. Skeptics pointing out the conflict of interests when and if Trump became president. Hussain Sajwani was amongst those associates. However, he was optimistic since his ties and deals with Donald Trump went further than the presidential seat into his family. Even without Donald, Hussain could still proceed with earlier arrangements and create new ones with the other members of the Trump dynasty. This was proven when both real estate demagogues celebrated New Year’s Eve together.

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Aloha Construction Information on Siding

Aloha Construction is a prominent contractor based in Lake Zurich, Illinois. These contractors offer advice to homeowners about how to go about maintaining the quality and value of their home. They usually advocate on the protection of siding. The fact is that it’s vital to protect the siding of your home against any harsh or damaging chemicals at any given time. You should always cover the nearby siding expanses with a tarp whenever spraying paint on the driveway to prevent contamination of siding. Always be careful whenever using various chemicals such as insecticides, fertilizers, and herbicides near siding. You should also keep things like motor oil away from the siding. For safety, do a thorough investigation of the appropriate precaution in case of any natural disaster.


Aloha Construction also advocates for repair. It is always advisable to take care of signs of damage to the siding of your home. You may consider a DIY fix for minor damages. Otherwise, you need Aloha Construction services to help you repair your siding and retain its normal state and shape. They offer their services across Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. In addition to their incredibly great services, they also provide free of charge home inspections. Ice dams are conventional in this part of the country. They also advise homeowners to inspect the siding under the eaves for any signs of water damage. This can be an indicator of Ice dams. For any case of ice dams, you should always try to seal all gaps on ducts and pipes in the attic as well as adding more insulation. It’s also advisable that you contact Aloha for any critical maintenance, repair, and upgrades of the siding of your home. They offer the best services at an affordable best market price. They are highly honored for the positive reputation that has created them a great name in construction industry.