Rodrigo Terpins on the transformation of a hobby to a career.

The Bull Sertoes rally team has been a very pertinent member of the Brazilian rally circles their input as a team cannot be overstated as they have even been involved in the planning of the Sertoes rally. The Sertoes rally is a race that began back in 1992 and has continued to be held in Brazil annually. The rally has increased the number of activities from one to a number of them, and at this stage, the rally is quite comprehensive in the number of activities that it holds. The team has been instrumental in this growth, and that includes both brothers Michel Terpins and Rodrigo Terpins.

They have been taking part in the rally since they joined the rally circles with Michel looking at his ninth participation in the coming edition. His brother Rodrigo Terpins, however, has been very keen on rallying. In fact, it was he who first came on before Michel finally left the cross country championship and joined him. The ability for Rodrigo to encourage his brother to join rallying stemmed from the fact that Rodrigo felt that he needed a team for him to progress and he knew his brother would be very helpful in the same and in terms of experience and cooperation it would never get better than the two of them. Rodrigo was finally able to convince Michel to join rallying, and that’s how the Bull Sertoes rally team as formed. Check out Terra to see more.

The team in its initial stages would have some teething problems which so them without an official racing car. This would first negatively affect the team, but as soon as they were able to bring MEM on board, they were able to start performing. In their first year of the partnership during the 22nd edition of the Sertoes rally they were able to have two cars compete this were the #322 and the #326. The vehicles were able to come in position 3 and 5, and this would mark the beginning of a partnership that is still strong. Rodrigo Terpins looks forward to continuing his career in racing and hopes to take part in this year’s Sertoes rally.

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