Chris Burch Talks About his Success

Burch Creative Capital was founded by CEO Chris Burch to facilitate him finding new and innovative investment opportunities for Burch to bring his nearly forty years of investment and development experience to. Burch believes that passionate people with original ideas provide the best opportunities for investment and the most challenging development situations.

After some youthful successes in the apparel industry, Chris Burch decided to bring his experience and expertise to new products and investments. He started the small-scale prefab housing company Coccon9 recently. In 2012 he purchased and renovated the Nihiwatu resort on the Indonesian island of Sumba. By 2016 the remodeled resort was named the world’s #1 hotel by Travel and Leisure magazine. Burch is also currently involved in developing the lifestyle line for Ellen DeGeneres, ED. Chris Burch admires Ellen for her ability to assess and leave an impression with people, even if they only meet for a few moments, see (

In an interview on Ideamensch, Burch responds to questions about success, failure, philosophy and what makes him a success. He says the most important thing is to always listen to people. People are the cornerstone of how Burch develops ideas, and listening to them can provide ideas both big and small that can help develop new ideas.

Chris Burch also addresses his past failures, claiming responsibility for his many failed investments but also saying he doesn’t regret any of them. He has mourned his losses, but accepts them and learns from them, bringing a new clarity to his next venture, learn more on

Asked what advice he would give his younger self; he says he would tell himself to always pursue his dreams with vigor. He believes passion and dedication are the best qualities for success and encourages anyone reading his word to cultivate and live these principals every single day of their lives, visit

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