Guilherme Paulus Contributions To CVC Tour Agency

Guilherme Paulus has significant influence as an entrepreneur all over Brazil. He runs the GJP hotels and resorts which have almost 5, 000 employees and more than 20 branches all over the country.

Guilherme Paulus is the chairman at the CVC Brasil Operadora, a tour company. The idea of this company originated from Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who had the willingness to start a tourist agency in Santo Andre which was the residential area for Paulus. When this idea was introduced Guilherme Paulus did not have enough capital, and he was still very young. Paulus kept this idea in his mind even though he continued working for Casa Faro.

Guilherme Paulus has adopted a strategy that involves using advanced technology to pass information to the employees and clients since it`s efficient. He also makes sure that he has reviewed the planned activities for the company to ensure that the company runs smoothly. He also listens to the customers and employees demands and strives to improve the goods and services produced. Paulus urges the Brazilian government to invest in Domestic Tourism by introducing air transport. CVC purchased around 100,000 seats for the VASP which sold within a year.

According to Guilherme, an entrepreneur must be ready to take risks and be innovative. Any business person must put the interests of the customers and employees as a priority as they are the cornerstone for the business. Paulus had encountered various challenges such as when they decided to fund the French people to visit Brazil; they didn’t know that CVC was a travel agency. The project was costly and the intended purpose to market the company did not succeed. CVC had also hired some Brazilians to meet the French people who failed. This challenges did not discourage Paulus he understood that there was a need for change in the company’s brand name.

Paulus believes in investing as a method of making more returns. He has invested in CVC by introducing online services that enable the customers to access their services at their homes. The company have distributed their products in almost all shopping malls in Brazil including the physical stores.

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