EOS Marketing Success Strategies

EOS lip balm is a leader in the lip balm industry through hard work and innovation of the industry and a great marketing plan that outdid the competition. The competition specifically is Chapstick, among several others. Many have tried to knock EOS down, but none has been able, reveals fastcompany.com. That was no coincidence. This is how it was done.

The founders of the company began this enterprise as a way to find that sweet spot for women in lip balm use. Many had grown accustomed to wearing lip gloss and other lip treatments, and reserved lip balm for children and men. EOS changed all of that.

It did this by creating packaging, using celebrities to promote the brand and smells that are scientifically designed to make the lip balm appealing. Like Bath and Body, it had a draw for women that was like crack. It was a huge success.

Some of the designs have remained, but others are constantly being introduced. Packaging of the old flavors and other creative methods all combine to make it one of the best products available today for women in personal care products. It’s one of the oldest marketing plays in the book. Packaging things to make them more desirable, even after they have been on the market for a season or two.

Traditional lip balm with flavors like berries, melons, baking ingredients, all combine into a scent that attracts buyers’ season after season. In their Facebook page, the latest release is the shimmer smooth series that promises to bring a sheer hint of color with the same great moisturizing elements that EOS has become famous for creating. The shine can even replace the lip gloss of years ago. There has even been a set of lip balms released that offer SPF protection. Some limited edition scents are released seasonally.