Entrepreneur Dick Devos

Some may know Dick DeVos best as the husband of the US Secretary of Education, a description that might rain on the parade of some men. DeVos and his wife Betsy collaborate closely on so many of the causes they promote, however, it’s fitting to refer to them as a single subject. That said, Dick has a substantial resume that highlights his own unique vision and trajectory.


A true conservative, DeVos once lobbied against the construction of a major development in Grand Rapids while it was in its planning stage. His objection to it was driven by a desire to preserve the character of the area where he was born and raised. DeVos has been instrumental in driving Michigan’s evolution from blue-collar right-to-work stronghold to hub that attracts global businesses. The Turnaround Plan that DeVos fleshed out in the early 2000’s spoke to his vision to transform his home state into a section of the U.S. that offers abundant and diverse work opportunities.


DeVos isn’t only known for the positions he has held that include former CEO of Amway, a company co-founded by his father. He took a shot at becoming Governor of Michigan in 2006 but lost to Jennifer Granholm, the incumbent. In spite of remaining an active force in initiatives that foster free enterprise, DeVos is a major philanthropic donor. The list of causes both he and his wife have gotten behind are extensive. The two have donated over $138 million to community programs and houses of worship. The couple contributed $105 million towards the construction of the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, following through with his family’s historic dedication to the ongoing revitalization of Western Michigan.


Though sometimes controversial, DeVos has partnered with his wife to promote education vouchers that enable parents to have greater choice in selecting the schools their kids attend. The concept has taken root throughout the country. The District of Columbia as well as states that include New Hampshire, Vermont, Utah and Georgia have already adopted voucher programs. President Trump is said to have selected Betsy to play such a key role in his administration because of how effectively she has campaigned for programs that boldly redesign the K-12 learning experience. No amount of charity can ever replace hard work and a personal dedication to achieving success is the fundamental premise of “Rediscovering American Values,” a book authored by Dick in 1998. It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with DeVos’s track record that it was a bestseller.


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The Life of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade

Dr. Carlos is a Brazilian businessman who is known to be the founder of an automotive assembly plant in Anápolis city by the name CAOA which is present in all regions of Brazil generating various brands of cars. His company has managed to sell over a million vehicles in the market of the Brazilian’s in approximately four decades emerging as the most mickle manufacturing and distributor conglomerate in American Latin. However, in trying to reveal the truth about his abilities in the automotive industry, journalist Feldman has been at the forefront in speaking about the businessman.

The journalist has been an expert in motor racing and vehicles as from the year 1996 as well as hosting a car radio show famously known as the “Car Talk” over Brazilian radio stations. Through his Tv program, he interviewed businessman via the Car Talk portal platform whereby in 2012 the article was published with Dr. Carlos featuring as the main interviewee. The article’s prime focus was meant to address the impacts of the businessman in the automotive industry which reiterated that there was no entrepreneur with sufficient controversy as Dr. Carlos.

During one of the interviews hosted by Feldman, Dr. Carlos was questioned about his series of thoughts whereby the important feedback was that CAOA managed to model an agency situated in Italy which generates smooth and new body for the model Tucson. Furthermore, he was trying to create bridges with Fiat to give them a national engine meant to be used in equipping the new cars. His basis is known to involve taking a page from the playbook of Korea and using the idea in it to generate his vehicles.

Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade as per the journalist is prowess in the generation of a dealership network, after sales services, assembly line as well as the specialist in dealing with spare parts. The journalist reiterated that the entrepreneur also represents diversified brands including American Ford, Japanese Subaru, Korean Hyundai, and French Renault. It can be concluded that Dr. Carlos is the heart of the Brazilian automotive industry.

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Vijay Eswaran Does Not Let The Industry Dictate His Decisions

Vijay Eswaran is a believer in taking risk. He does not rely on the industry to dictate his decisions in relation to his career. Eswaran has been teaching this practice to new job seekers who are entering the workforce for the first time. He understands that everyone is looking to find their first job as soon as possible and establish themselves. It is important to gain experience because experience gives value to each person. Increasing personal value means more money over the long run. However, it is possible for a job to be obsolete by the time a person completes their degree or certificate for that particular job. This is why Eswaran states that it is important to create opportunity as well as look for opportunities.

People who are new to the workforce should do thorough research on the companies that they are looking to get involved with. It is important to make sure that personalities are a match. The work environment must be compatible with what someone wants to do with their life and career. An important decision to make is whether or not to join a large corporation or small startup company.

Both startup companies and large corporations have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on what a person wants to do with the skills that they have acquired to that point. They must also consider what type of impact they want to make on a particular industry.

A large startup company will offer very little room for someone to come in and have a powerful influence. The organization will be very set in its processes. Upper management will be reluctant to make any changes based on the opinions of someone who is new to the ranks.

A small startup company will hand a great deal of responsibility to the new executive right away. They will be expected to handle every aspect of their projects. There is very little room for delegation in a position such as this. These situations offer chances to make a tremendous impact on a new company that is growing at a rapid pace.

Vijay Eswaran is the Chairman of QI Group. He has a degree from the London School of Economics and a Master’s in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University as well. Vijay’s mother was a school teacher while his father worked as a member of the Ministry of Labor.

Bernardo Chua: Marketer of Alternative Medicine

Bernardo Chua is a medical profession from the Philippines. He combined his medical expertise and his skills as a marketer to become one of the most well-renowned entrepreneurs in the Pacific Rim. His grandparents taught him the medical benefits of Ganoderma, an old Chinese herb. This knowledge made him an ideal candidate to start his career at Gano Excel, a company who promoted edible foods and drinks infused with the Ganoderma herb. Visit on his twitter for more updates.

Bernardo Chua excelled with Gano Excel as a marketer because of his friendly personality and his honest wish to support people. It wasn’t too long before he built an enormous and growing clientele for Gano Excel from several Asian countries and Canada. After several successful years with Gano Excel, he decided it was time to enlighten individuals in America and other parts of Western Europe about the medical benefits of the Ganoderma mushroom. Gano Excel promoted him to a position of President of their branch in the United States when he moved to California. He seized this opportunity and recruited networking specialists. He educated them on the benefits on Ganoderma products and had them travel all over the United States spreading the benefits of Gano Excels products.

Chua Bernardo and his networking campaign were immediately successful. Gano Excel increased their worldwide clientele Chua decided that it was time to branch out and he started his own business, Organo Gold, in 2008. Organo Gold also specializes in Ganoderma consumables products. Chua makes it of utmost importance to work with some of the top farmers who can grow Ganoderma mushrooms with the best quality. He put numerous resources in teaching individuals the health benefits of Ganoderma products. Organo Gold has millions of customers worldwide. Due to the success of the company, Chua and his products have been aired on media channels such as Direct Selling News and Marketwired.

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Equities First Holdings Is Loved Because It Is Unique

The low rates that Equities First Holdings provides for its clients is one of the things that makes the company unique. The company has become one of the most popular companies in its category by meeting its clients’ needs and making sure that they get the type of loans that they want. The company knows finances and has branches in several countries, which allows it to help everyone across the globe. It was first established in the year 2002, but the fact that it hasn’t been around for that long doesn’t affect the success of the company. It has dealt with a lot of money since its beginning, as it helped businesses and individuals to meet their financial goals and to get the loans that they need to do that, and read full article.

Jorge Moll: Bring Quality Healthcare Closer to the Brazilian Public

Over the course of the last few decades, Brazil has experienced tremendous economic growth. This has been accompanied by tens of millions of its citizens joining the formal sector. With many having more disposable income, the demand for quality products and services, including healthcare, has gone up. Consequently, in the last few decades, many Brazilians have stopped using the often crowded public hospitals and have instead started using emerging networks of private hospitals. One of the hospital networks that has been at the center of this migration is Rede D’Or. Now the largest independent hospital network in the country, it was co-founded by respected cardiologist and entrepreneur, Jorge Moll (http://www.diasdacruz.org.br/tag/dr-jorge-moll-neto/).

Jorge Moll co-founded D’Or in 1977 as a diagnostic imaging laboratory. With time, however, he expanded the humble business into a collection of hospitals and laboratories. Today, there are more than 30 hospitals under the D’Or brand. In 2010, the company decided to sell its subsidiary laboratories for about three-quarters of a billion dollars while at the same time acquiring another hospital group, Sao Luiz.

Perhaps the greatest reason for D’Or’s success is Jorge Moll’s insistence on adhering to international standards (Scholar.Google). Early on when starting out, he modeled his first hospital around one Mayo clinic in Minnesota, USA. Consequently, his hospitals often featured services that were lacking in other hospitals, thus adding to their overall appeal. He made sure to keep the emergency department open to all, even those who did not have insurance.

Going forward, Jorge Moll has made it no secret that he intends to expand D’Or even further, but it is expected that this endeavor will not be met without a few challenges. While the company primarily operates in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, plans are underway to expand into other areas of the country including the cities of Brasilia and Copacabana. As with any other huge organization, D’Or will likely face challenges associated with gigantism, particular slow growth. Additionally, with international brands getting into the country, D’Or will likely face additional competition. What is more, many of the company’s local competitors also have ambitious expansion plans.

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