Freedom Checks: A Real Cash Grab You should Follow

Maybe you’ve seen those annoying 5-minute or full 30-minute infomercials that tell you you had better act quick and buy that product or invest in silver before it’s too late. More often than not, the catch phrases you see in those infomercials are just sales tactics and not anything to get excited about. But there is one investment you can get excited about when you hear about it because it actually is not a scam. It’s a legitimate cash grab known as freedom checks, and it is something you can take advantage of by having a brokerage account.

What you may not have known is there are oil and natural gas companies who sell shares that are like stocks, only different and that come with high-paying dividends. These companies are known as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), and they follow a different set of regulations than most corporations. Among those regulations are that they have to pay out most of their income in dividends to shareholders, and they also get tax breaks. So that means those who own freedom checks can expect big dividend payouts from successful companies, and they will not be taxed on those dividends because they are considered return on capital and not return on income. But there’s even more to the story that financial newsletter publisher Banyan Hill uncovered.

One of Banyan Hill’s editors, Matt Badiali found out about what owning freedom checks could do for investors, so he felt he had to publish the inside scoop. Badiali is a geologist who has traveled the world and seen production at oil wells and gathered in mining data, and even today as a newsletter writer he follows the energy sector very closely. He found out that since the US is pushing to do away with foreign oil, MLP companies are taking advantage by outputting more domestic oil and natural gas. The estimated figures they’re looking to put out over the next year are over $34 billion, a huge payday if you own a freedom check. It’s possible to start building your portfolio today by taking advantage of freedom checks, and to learn more about them, go to

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