Lori Senecal is Recognized as The Most Creative Business Person

One thing that people will recognize when they look at Lori Senecal is that she is very creative. As a matter of fact, she has been recognized as one of the most creative person in business. In the industry of advertising, this is very important. After all, people are awarded for their creativity in coming up with the right campaigns. Given that Lori Senecal has grown her company into a global enterprise, it goes without saying that she uses a lot of creativity when it comes to her advertising. Therefore, others may want to know what factors go into her creativity.


One of the factors that go into the creativity of advertising is that Lori Senecal has an understanding of the market. She is aware of all of the different aspects of the market. This is one of the reasons that she is able to gain more customers for her clients. She is aware of where she can go in order to attract more customers. She is also aware of what they would respond to for her campaign. With all of the thought that goes into advertising, she is not only getting people to pay attention, but also pay for the products. Check out Bloomberg to know more.


Another factor that is worth looking at when it comes to Lori Senecal’s creativity is knowing the platforms to use. She is someone that comes up with creative solutions for clients. She is also someone that is able to look ahead and see what trends are coming. For instance, she is aware of the current trends in social media and mobile advertising. Lori is able to look at some of the latest forms of technology and seeing what is going to be next for the market. Then she makes sure that she is able to profit from the trends in the market.



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Developing Products that Fit the Current Market

Many products meet the need of their current markets. The market keeps on changing because markets are flexible. This makes it a priority for products to embrace flexibility so that they remain relevant in the market. Some products remain irrelevant in the market because they do not have the capacity of being flexible.

Most companies in the market have redefined themselves so that the new market can embrace their product. It is significant to note that different customers consume different products. The current customers have different needs that did not matter in the past.

Customer service is key to the development of the product. Customers seem to enjoy a product that they can easily access. This has brought in the aspect of content marketing and using advertising as a channel of connecting to the clients. Podcast One is a product that has embraced the flexibility of their target market.

Norman Pattiz is the founder of Podcast One. He has a network that enables him to incorporate different skills to develop the product. He has employed various celebrities in his company to attract young people. The company has also developed a product that intrigues the young people to understand the reality of spirituality.

Norman Pattiz has a wealth of experience that gives him an added advantage to understand the market. He has worked with the best media companies. The American military consulted Norman on certain issues due to his vast experience in the field. This has given them different skills in leading people differently. He has also acquired the capacity to develop the product in the media market. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: http://www.fundacity.com/norman-pattiz

He develops products that are flexible in the market. The target market is able to assimilate the product. Norman has worked with different people. This has exposed him and equipped him with interpersonal skills. The skills have benefitted him in his business because he can cooperate with various individuals who have interacted with the products that he develops.

Norman is in a position to differentiate opportunities for his product. He has made the products available online. This makes the products available to a wider market. According to Biz Journals, the skills and expertise of Norman Pattiz enable the development of the product.

This shows that young entrepreneurs should support their products using the different skills and expertise to facilitate the development of the product. This will increase the sale of the product. It will also facilitate their consumers to develop customer loyalty and attract their prospective clients.